Now on view at Pier 17







Meet Jihan Zencirli, a Turkish-American visual artist famous for her large balloon installations all across America. From the American Ballet Theatre to The Standard Hotel -- Jihan, known to us as GERONIMO, is making the world more colorful one balloon at a time.







Geronimo's large-scale sculpture adds vibrant color to the New York City waterfront. The bright balloons hang above the River Lounge at Pier 17 and can be seen from across the water in Brooklyn. 







We are thrilled to house GERONIMO'S first ever semi-permanent sculpture. "My work at Pier 17 is made of a newly engineered material, composed from recyclables, that will allow visitors to enjoy basking under the sculpture on the water's edge until the end of the summer." 

Come to Pier 17 to see for yourself!